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  • Job Done Right
    • Job Done On Time,
      • The First Time
  • Job Done Right
    • Job Done On Time,
      • The First Time

Lighting Problems

Is there a humming sound when your lights are on? Or are your light bulbs rapidly burning out? No problem! We got your back!

We do:

• Light bulb changes

• Install new lighting

• Fix lights that make humming sounds

Dead Outlet Problems

Are your outlets just too ugly to look at? Don't worry, at Beekman Electric we can fix any outlet problem.

We fix:

• Dead or non-working outlets

• Outlets that constantly have a plug falling out of it

• Ugly looking and burnt outlets

Tripping-Breaker Problems

Having problems with your breaker getting too hot or even when it rains? Don't take unnecessary chances when it comes to your business or your home.

We can:

• Evaluate your breaker box situation

• Make excellent repairs when needed

Hanging Ceiling and Attic Fans

We can hang up any fan for you no time! Just tell us when and where and we'll make your home feel like a tropical breeze!

We do:

• Ceiling fans

• Attic fans

• Indoor/outdoor fans

Pool Lighting and Equipment Installation

We will also help you out with any electrical pool equipment that your eyes may desire!

We do:

• Pool lighting (indoor/outdoor)

• Installation of any pool equipment

Installing Smoke and CO2 Detectors

Safety is our number one priority. Need detectors? Just give us a call and we'll be there to help keep your house from burning down.

We do:

• CO2 detectors

• Smoke detectors

Security System/ Camera Install

Whether you are looking for a someone to install your basic alarm system or the latest security solution we are available to help install.

• Security cameras

• wireless systems

• video alarms

• intercom systems

Stereo and Surround Sound Installations

We can help you enhance your audio by installing your stereo and surround system.

• experience realistic sounds

• set up your audio/video products

• maximize the sound quality

• professionally installed

Christmas light design and installation

We provide a decorating options that includes the complete full installation.

• outdoor / indoor lighting

• Holiday designs

• Plus full installation

• commercial / residential